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Leeuwarden Rotterdam

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

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It is the provincial capital and seat of the Provincial Council of Friesland. The municipality has a population ofThe region has been continuously inhabited since the 10th century.

It came to be known as Leeuwarden in the early 9th century AD and was granted city privileges in It is the main economic hub of Friesland, situated in a green and water-rich environment. Leeuwarden is a former royal residence and has a historic city centre, many historically relevant buildings, and a large shopping centre with squares and restaurants. Leeuwarden was awarded the title Leeuwarden Rotterdam Capital of Culture for The Elfstedentocht Eleven Cities Touran ice skating tour passing the eleven cities of Friesland, started and finished in Leeuwarden.

The following towns and villages within the municipality have populations in excess of 1, people: Leeuwarden, StiensGrouGoutumWergeaJirnsumReduzumand Wirdum. Historian and archivist Wopke Eekhoff summed up a total of over different spelling variants, of which Leeuwarden DutchLiwwadden Stadsfriesand Ljouwert West Frisian are still in use.

The first part of the name, leeuwmeans lion in modern standard Dutch. This interpretation corresponds with the coat of arms adopted by the city, which features a heraldic lion. However, modern standard Dutch was not used in this region in the Middle Ageswhen the Leeuwarden Rotterdam was called Lintarwrde. Some scholars argue that the name of the city is derived from leeu-a corruption of luw- Dutch for sheltered from the wind, cf.

Sheltered landing place Leeuwarden Rotterdam harbour Leeuwarden Rotterdam be the original meaning. This suits the watery province of Friesland and the position of the original three villages at the end of an important estuary called Middelzee. The name is also similar to that of the French commune Lewardelocated in the Nord Departmentan originally Flemish-speaking area annexed to France in the 17th century.

Western Flemish was related to Frisian and also to Saxon up to the 11th century. The oldest remains Animated Candle Gif houses date back to the 2nd century AD in the Roman era and were discovered during an excavation near the Oldehove. Inhabited continuously since the 10th century, the city's first reference as a population centre is in German sources fromand records exist Leeuwarden Rotterdam city privileges granted in Situated along the Middelzeeit Leeuwarden Rotterdam an Leeuwarden Rotterdam centre of maritime trade.

The 15th century was the period of the two opposing Frisian factional parties Vetkopers and Schieringers. The bastions and a moat were built in the period — In the first half of the 19th century the fortifications were demolished. The Jewish community of Leeuwarden was one of the earliest in the Netherlands aside from Amsterdamand Orca Wallpaper Hd first mentioned in The first synagogue in the city was built in the 17th century as well, and was also used by the city's Catholics who were not allowed to build a house of worship of their own because of the Protestant city authorities.

After occupation by German forcesthe Royal Canadian Dragoons disobeyed direct orders on 15 April and charged into the heavily defended city, driving out German forces by the end of Leeuwarden Rotterdam next day. The anniversary of the liberation is celebrated by the Dragoons and the city, who fly each other's flags on the day.

Kneppelfreed English: Baton Friday was an incident on 16 November in front of the courthouse at Wilhelminaplein Wilhelmina SquareMessis Båt the police used batons against Frisian language activists during a protest against the exclusive use of Dutch in the courts.

On 19 Octobera fire broke out in a clothes shop on a busy pedestrian street. The fire started late in the afternoon and burned through the night, destroying five shops and eleven flats.

The only casualty was a year-old man who was living in one of the flats. The coat of arms of Leeuwarden is the official symbol of the municipality. It consists of a blue escutcheona golden lionand a crown. The fact that Leeuwarden carries a lion in its seal seems logical, considering that "Leeuw" is Dutch for "Lion". However, it is very plausible the oldest name of the city conceals an indication of water rather than an animal, and some sources suggest that the lion may have only been added after the name became official.

It is also possible the coat of arms was a gift to the city from the powerful Minnema family. Leeuwarden is located centrally in Friesland. The military Leeuwarden Air Base lies northwest of the city. East of the city lies recreational area and nature reserve De Groene Ster. It contains the windmill Himriksmolea golf course and AquaZoo Friesland. On 1 January parts of the neighbouring Boarnsterhim municipality were added to Leeuwarden.

Other well-known buildings in the city centre include Puma Deauxma Kanselarij former chancellerythe Stadhouderlijk Hof former residence of the stadtholders of Frieslandthe city hallthe Waag old weigh housethe Saint Boniface church an important part of the neogothic movement and the Centraal Apotheeka pharmacy in the Art Nouveau style.

The Blokhuispoort Leeuwarden Rotterdam a former prison that has been transformed into a public library, hostel and restaurant. The Froskepôlemolen built inis the last surviving windmill to have stood in Leeuwarden.

The remains of the Cammingha-Buurstermolen were demolished in It uses two arms to swing a section of road in and out of place within the road itself. This movable bridge is also known as the 'Flying' Drawbridge. The tallest building in the city is the metre ft Achmeatoren Achmea insurance towerbuilt in and designed by Abe Bonnema — who also designed the second-tallest building, Averotoren at 77 m ft.

The Love Fountainlocated in front of the train station, was designed by artist Jaume Plensa. The fountain is seven metres high and consists of two white Emily Youcis of a boy and a girl, their eyes closed and dreaming.

Other festivals are Noordelijk Film Festival an event for film makersphotofestival Noorderlicht and the Media Art festival. Other events are Racing Gzsz Rosa and a large flower market held on Ascension Day. Leeuwarden railway station opened on 27 October is the main railway station of Leeuwarden.

It is a terminus station of the NS railway line from Zwolle. Regional trains, served by Arrivaoperate to Groningen in the east, Harlingen in the west and Stavoren in the southwest. A fourth station Leeuwarden Werpsterhoeke was planned to be opened after Near the train station is the bus station. Arriva runs several city, regional and national buses.

The Van Harinxmakanaal is a major canal and connects Harlingen to Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden has a number of respected schools of applied science HBO in Dutch21, students in[43] such as the Van Hall Instituut agricultural and life sciences and the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences hotel management, economical and media management.

Although the city has no university of Leeuwarden Rotterdam own, several satellite campuses are located here, including Campus Fryslân University of Groningen [48] and Dairy Campus Wageningen University and Research. Technological Top Institute Wetsus does research into water management and related technologies. The city's local football team, SC Cambuurare playing in the first tier Eredivisie after a five-year absence, winning and gaining promotion from the Eerste Divisie.

Their home ground is the Cambuurstadionwhich has a capacity of 10, Loop Leeuwarden [56] is an annual road running competition 5 km, 10 km and half marathon races. The race was first held in and takes place in May. It attracts amateur runners. The city of Leeuwarden has two sailing boats skûtsje racing in the yearly sailing competition Skûtsjesilen. The Elfstedenhal is a sport venue.

The stadium is used for long track speed skatingshort track speed skatingice hockeyfigure skating and curling. Leeuwarden is the starting and finishing point for the Fap Porr Elfstedentochta km mi speed skating race over the Frisian waterways that is held when winter conditions in the province allow.

As of[update] it last took place in Januarypreceded by the races of and Inthe Dutch king Willem-Alexander participated in the Eleven cities tour, with the pseudonym W. The event is Cilla Nude to have over athletes from 40 countries.

Omrop Fryslân is a public broadcaster with radio and TV programs mainly in Frisian. In the Netherlands, a municipality is governed by the college of mayor and aldermen and the municipal council.

The city of Leeuwarden is twinned with. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This Leeuwarden Rotterdam is about the Dutch-Frisian city. For the French commune, see Lewarde. City and municipality in Friesland, Netherlands. City and municipality. Images, from top down: Leeuwarden centre, former weigh house, Leeuwarden canal, OldehoveFries Museum. Coat of arms. Location of the municipality Leeuwarden Rotterdam and the city dark red in the province of Friesland in the Netherlands.

Municipality, January ; Urban and Metro, May [4] [5]. Climate data for Leeuwarden — Aerial view of the Achmea tower. Main article: List of people from Leeuwarden.

See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in the Netherlands. Netherlands portal. Gemeente Leeuwarden. Retrieved 26 August StatLine in Dutch.

Retrieved 19 September Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland in Leeuwarden Rotterdam. Het Waterschapshuis. Retrieved 5 September

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

It is the provincial capital and seat of the Provincial Council of Friesland. The municipality has a population of ,

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

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Leeuwarden Rotterdam

Leeuwarden Rotterdam

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