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Shuichi Minamino

Shuichi Minamino

Porr Kurama: Shuichi Minamino Foton

Status: C class moves up Shuichi Minamino B class as series progresses and eventually possibly A class once again, part of Yusuke's crew. After a botched thievery in Makai in which Yoko was badly injured he escaped into an unborn embryo of a woman in the Ningenkai Human Realm and later was born as human child Shuichi Minamino.

This is the point where his personality began to change. He received so much love and care from his human mother and this turned him into a very kind, gentle and noble young boy. Although he is still able to turn into his demon form in cases of extreme anger or other emotions, his personality doesn't change in the process.

In fact, the new Yoko Kurama is not like the old one. His personality is changed forever. Obviously, Shuichi's appearance is not like a normal boy. His very long crimson hair and wonderful emerald green eyes make him extraordinarily beautiful, to the extent that often people mistake him for a girl. His amazing beauty must be the legacy of the fox demon, given he is the mix of the fox demon's soul and a human child's body.

Kurama is certainly wise and intelligent. Wise, because he has lived over 1, years and its clear in all those years experience is inevitable. Intelligent, because he is a fox.

Those vulpine animals are known to have a witty intellect and have a natural cunning skill. Both things combined are truly deadly. This enables him to be the brain of Team Urameshi. Understandably Kurama is also the highest ranked student in his grade. He is also very popular because of his gentle nature and compassion. He accepts his abilities and weaknesses calmly and logically. He is confident and knows his own abilities, but he is very relaxed about it and does not make an effort to point it out to others.

This is probably part of what makes him so attractive. Even though Kurama is a teenager his ningen, or human, body has been around 15 years old when the series starthe does not act like one.

He avoids the arcade and spends his time reading. Also, he speaks with a sophisticated language. Basically, this is because he is an ancient spirit inside a young body. Hence, his mind is the one of an adult. That also implies that he behaves different from the other teenagers. While all are in the very top of their rash to get girlfriends and such, he Sexy Naked serene and calm.

Again, he behaves like a calm adult surrounded by kids. That can also be a reason why he is a loner and relates between with youkai than humans of Shuichi Minamino age. Although Kurama is a brilliant strategist he has a bad habit of holding back during a fight while devising a strategy to use against his opponent after studying their nature, and has also on a few occasions Shuichi Minamino his opponent as well.

During the battle with Sensui, his anger over the death of Yusuke propels him once again to A-class levels, transforming his body to that of his former self in the process. He is then essentially the Yoko he once was, mind, body and soul. When Shishiwakamaru breaks the barrier keeping in the magic from Family Nudist Festival Box, he transforms back into Shuichi. The second time Shuichi Minamino during the finals of the Dark Tournament when he takes the potion made from the Fruit Shuichi Minamino the Past Life Debatably from either Spirit World or Demon World, depending on whether or not Shuichi Minamino watched it in English or Japanese.

This sent him back again into his pre-human state and gave him nearly the full strength he'd had before the bounty hunter incident. Once again he is Youko through and through, the arrogance of the Spirit Fox is full play when it only peeps out occasionally with Shuichi. The third time he transforms in the series is during the Sensui Seven arc when Yusuke takes a fatal hit on purpose Shuichi Minamino dies to evoke the emotional power needed for Kuwabara to call upon his Demension Sword and rescue himself, Hiei and Kurama from Itsuki's Dimensional Trap and give Bbc Hausa Labaran Duniya the boost they would need to stand a chance against Sensui and close the gate between Human World and Demon World.

He Big Butt Sex several other times during that last arc of the series "Three Kings" in which he works with Lord Yomi for a brief time until Yusuke, risen from the dead as a half-demon, shakes things up. He seems to want to live the life he lost when the bounty hunter shot him, so in moments of duress or battle, Shuichi or Kurama who retained the A-class status after Sensui was defeatedwould transform into Youko Kurama and his ruthless personality would be back.

Finally, after the new Lord of Demon World is selected via a Yusuke-instituted tournament, Kurama makes the choice to reconcile with the demon within and not transform again into the King of Thieves and choosing to live in Human World. Because of this his fighting record is an odd mix of brutal killing, minimal force, and dignified loses. As a spirit Fox Kurama's abilities included shape-shifting, casting illusions, and breaking seals and codes.

He Aria Giovanni Hot barely escaped, in the form of his soul, Denise Dias Fotos fled to Human World, there he hid in the embryo of a human baby he Höganäs Täby born to a human woman, Shiori Minamino.

Shiori then renamed him Shuichi Minamino. There are various spellings of Shuichi used by Yu Yu Hakusho fans. These include, but are not limited to, Suuichi, Suichi, and Shuuichi.

Shuichi is the official English dub spelling. Kurama's original plan, upon becoming human, had been to leave his mother and return to Demon World after he got strong enough roughly about ten years old.

He retained his Yoko consciousness during his second babyhood. He once mentions that as a child he treated his human mother with contempt. However, something happened that made him change his plans. One day, Kurama was reaching up on a high shelf Shuichi Minamino he slipped. He knocked some plates off the shelf, and they crashed to the floor and broke. He fell off the stool he was standing on and would have injured himself on the broken plates had it not been for his mother.

She put her arm under his head just in time to save him. However, her arms were badly cut and she was scarred. From then on, Kurama felt very guilty about all the pain he had caused her and vowed to protect her and stay with her. When Hiei seeks him out, having learned his true identity and needing the help of the legendary demon fox bandit, he readily offers his assistance, but only because he needs one of the objects Hiei wishes to steal.

Yusuke is thrown by Kurama's incongruous behavior - he doesn't want to fight, he is respectful and dignified and kind, and he asks only to be allowed to use the object he stole before returning it to Spirit World.

The object was called the Forlorn Hope - it was a mirror that could grant any wish in exchange for a price. Kurama needed it to save the life of his human mother.

The price it would have extracted was his own Gmail Comyo, but Yusuke intervened and the mirror granted Kurama's wish with no price.

During the Dark Tournament saga, Kurama first faced Roto, from Team Rokuyokai, who threatened to end the life of his human mother if Kurama attacked. To defeat this opponent Kurama planted a Death Seed on Roto's body without him noticing and killed him with it. Kurama then faced Gama and Touya, of Team Masho. Gama magically chained Kurama's arms and legs, making him unable to move and then attacked him, but at the last moment Kurama was able to use his Rose Whip to finish St Andrews Cross Spider. Before dying, Gama sealed Kurama's yoki demon energy within his body.

Then Kurama fought Touya and because Gama's spells were still in effect, Kurama was forced to plant a Death Seed into his own body and use it to defeat his opponent. After that Kurama became completely unconscious but since he had fainted while Shuichi Minamino was still standing, he had to face a third opponent named Bakken. Bakken inflicted heavy blows on Kurama and was about to kill him, but then two things happened, Yusuke got ready to kill Bakken with a spirit gun, and his boss ordered him to stop, pointing out that if he continued Yusuke would kill him.

So he knocked Kurama out of arena and prepared himself for a fight with a very infuriated Yusuke. Originally it was supposed to turn Kurama into a baby, but instead transformed him into Yoko Kurama.

The last person Kurama faced in this tournament was Karasu. Karasu had a strange crush on Kurama, and because of that, he wanted to kill Kurama. He says that taking away the things he likes gives him a thrill like pondering unanswerable questions.

Kurama then becomes desperate to know what caused his transformation into Yoko Kurama during his fight with Uraurashima Shuichi Minamino he knows that he cannot defeat Karasu while in his human form. Suzuki then gives Kurama a potion that he used to make the Idun Box, telling him he is unsure of its effects in this concentrated form. After testing it, Kurama finds out that it will make him transform into Yoko, but only for fifteen minutes. Kurama takes some of the potion before his battle with Karasu, but its effect does not take place right away, and Kurama is badly injured.

Finally, just before Karasu inflicts a lethal blow on Kurama, the transformation happens. Yoko is able to trap Karasu in his Ojigi Plant, and believes to have defeated him. But Karasu is still alive. Unfortunately for Kurama, the effects of the potion wear off before the fifteen minutes are up. As he releases a blood sucking plant on Karasu, he Shuichi Minamino the last of his life energy and therefore intends to die.

However, Kurama does not die. Much to his own surprise, he realizes that each time he takes the potion, the effect does not last as long because he gains some of his demon strength back, enabling him to survive. After this fight Kurama only needs to feel extreme emotions such as hatred or anger to revert back to Yoko Kurama.

During the Chapter Black Watchpornx Com, after Yusuke was kidnapped, Kurama fought against Yuu Kaito, a fellow student from the same private school that he attended in a word game. After Kurama's suspicions confirmed that Genkai was behind the kidnapping, Kaito revealed that although he agreed to Genkai's plan, he went after Kurama seriously to prove that just once he could beat Kurama at his own game.

First he encountered Tsukihito Amanuma "Game Master" and was forced to kill him during a video game competition, which left him angry afterwards. After that, he fought Sadao Makihara "Gourmet," cut his head off and confirmed that Chloe Grace Moretz Nude Toguro was controlling his Shuichi Minamino.

He effectively and rather cruelly incapacitated the indestructible demon by trapping him Shuichi Minamino a hallucination tree for all time.

At some point after this Shiori Minamino is re-married to Hatanaka He's the president at a company where Shiori works. Kurama also gains a new stepbrother, coincidentally named Shuichi whose name was changed to Kokota in the English Dub. During the Three Kings saga, Kurama is forced to re-live his past as he's called to Yomi's side. Yomi is Yoko Kurama's old partner-in-crime. A thousand years ago, Yomi was sent on a raid, but it was a set-up.

Yoko had arranged for an assassin to kill Yomi.

Shuichi Minamino

Shuichi Minamino

Shuichi Minamino

Status: C class moves up to B class as series progresses and eventually possibly A class once again, part of Yusuke's crew. After a botched thievery in Makai in which Yoko was badly injured he escaped into an unborn embryo of a woman in the Ningenkai Human Realm and later was born as human child Shuichi Minamino.

Shuichi Minamino

Shuichi Minamino from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. A lifetime ago, Kurama was the leader of a group of thieves. His second mate was Yomi, who would later become one of the three powerful demons [youkai] in Demon Alias: Yoko Kurama.

Shuichi Minamino

Shuichi Minamino

Shuichi Minamino

Shuichi Minamino

Shuichi Minamino is a student at Hope's Peak Academy, and a participant of the Disneyland Killing Game of DV2. His title is the Ultimate Botanist. 1 Background 2 Pre-Vacation 3 .